Monday, April 20, 2009

Unemployment runs out..

Ever have that feeling that the world is going to stop spinning any moment? I was a good little American, I listened to the advice of the "financial advisors" and saved money for a rainy day, I just didn't expect a tsunami.

It has been six months, this week, since I first filed for unemployment and today the check came with only 1 weeks worth of benefits. Never have I been so scared. I have managed, for 6 months, to pay my mortgages and all other bills on time. There is supposedly an extension that will be filed automatically on my behalf to continue my benefits for another 22 weeks but the bank account is empty. The cushion that I so carefully set aside has been consumed.

I am lucky that I can maybe get some help from family. It is frustrating to be a qualified and smart professional unable to find a job that would keep me afloat. I'd even take a job at a lower run as long as I can make my minimum income level that I need to make to keep everything paid for.

To those of you in the same situation, hang in there! I'll cross my fingers for all of us!

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