Monday, May 11, 2009

will the frustration ever end

I am so tired of searching for a job that just doesn't seem to exist. My dream is to open a store not to work for some big corporate machine. Does it always have to be part of the game? I suppose if I had kept my life more simple (no animals to support, no mortgages or car credit cards for sure) I might be able to be living my dream right now, but the dream didn't come to me until December, 2008!

I am a smart person with a lot of experience, insight and ability. I should have no problem finding a job even if a tough economy and yet tonight I received another rejection letter. I don't know why life seems to work out this way for me, if love is going well my career is usually going well and vice versa through no fault of my own. Right now..neither is happening and I am so frustrated. I feel like I am failing and flailing to stay afloat. I am hanging in there and things just keep slipping away. I know I am not the only person in this situation but I am so frustrated!!!!

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